Mummy Miami crime simulator 2018: 3d fighting game

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Do you like mummy adventure games, mummy fighting games and Egypt mummy escape games?
Mummy has return from the Pyramids of the Egypt for her revenge from the grand real gangster in San Andreas,the city of Los angles, and Las Vegas where the boss of mafia vice town have some secrets in raiders hunter tunnel of the tomb.
Mummy has return for her revenge in crime police city. Help her to take the revenge from grand criminal in auto theft city.
Hunt the relic maze puzzle in haunted temple, be a hunter as hunting simulator hero to punish the ancient royal knight in the fighting battle like a boss with roman ancient god’s empire like the hunters on adventure.
Fight with mummies in pharaoh haunted city get the rope and bandage in sacrum like a superhero.
Escape from the pyramid and ancient time’s tomb cell
With latest update
You have strong sword light infantries, heavy infantries, axe warriors, spear men, archers, catapults. and enemy also have strong units like axe warriors, infantries, spear-men mummies and giant mummies..

Play the true game of fight on the streets.
Find out the truth about main mummy hero past.
ENJOY hours of FUN and entertaining game play

UNITY 2019 2020 2021

Demo apk ->

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