6Cash - Digital Wallet Mobile App with Laravel Admin Panel

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6Cash – Digital Wallet mobile app with Admin Panel developed using Laravel and Flutter Framework. 6cash’s Powerful admin panel will help you to control your business smartly.



- Please register Customers from the User app or from the Admin panel and Agents from the Admin panel for a better experience, One more thing, the demo database will reset 1 hours intervals. You can use any Customer and Agent from the Admin panel with 1234 Pin. 

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Change Log-

Version 4.0 – 08 June 2023
- Made the admin panel compatible with PHP 8.0+, Laravel 9
- Made the app compatible with Flutter 3.x and null-safety
- OTP hit count, login hit count and temporary block if insert multiple time wrong information
- Enable and Disable option for all features in the admin panel
- Limit setup for daily transactions, per transaction, and monthly transaction
- Enable and Disable option for transaction limit
- Show transaction limits in a page in the user app
- Performance improved and some major issues fixed
- Made the app compatible with Flutter 3.10.2
Version 3.1 – 9 April 2023
- Completely newly designed admin panel
- Add money with a bonus managed by the admin
- Add Money charge removed
- Fixed send money and request money fixed amount charge
- Fixed cashout charge problem
- Added withdrawal charge by percentage for both agent and customer
- Expense list for bonus given to customer and agent by admin
- Fixed some other small issues
- Performance improvements
- Make compatible with Flutter version 3.7.9
Version 3.0 – 02 February 2023
- Made 6cash a Payment gateway
- Manage Merchants from the admin panel
- Merchant panel for managing transactions and withdraw
- New pages ( Terms and conditions, about us, privacy policy)
- Update the device name in the user log.
- Dynamic notification message for payment.
- Transaction filter improvement.
- Filter in withdrawal requests.
- Icon issues fixed in the user app
- Withdraw request history added in the user app with filter
- Pending withdrawal amount is shown on the home page.
- Fixed some issues for google play publish
- Fixed some other small issues
- Performance improved
Version 2.0 – 12 November 2022
- Dynamic withdraw method managed by admin
- Withdraw request to admin from customer app
- Track user device details and show in the admin panel
- User-wise login tracking with device details
- Block rest APIs without device ID
- Track VPN and block app using when turned on the VPN
- Make compatible with flutter version 3.3.7
- Fixed some other small issues
- Performance improved
Version 1.2 – 09 July 2022
- Fingerprint or face unlock managed by the device
- Proper profile image using Google vision 
- Extra identity data for future verification
- Admin approval for new customer
- Customer account self-delete option
- Fixed some other small issues
- Performance improved
Version 1.1 – 12 May 2022
- Fixed transaction issue
- Update payment gateway SDKs
- Fixed OTP issue in the registration page
- Fixed some other known issues.
Version 1.0 – 21 April 2022
- Initial Release.

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